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Parma Animal Shelter

2015 BHI Donation Program A Huge Success!

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$8100.00 dontated from BHI to Parma Animal Shelter. This money helps the animals receive medical treatment they desperatley needs. BHI will continue our dontaion program for 2016.

In the summer of 2014, Parma Animal Shelter called BHI for an estimate on repairing a few roofs leaks. In the course of John Barbera inspecting the roof, he had the opportunity to meet the wonderful and giving volunteers. John was very impressed with the staff and volunteers giving their time and energy, working tirelessly. John decided he also wanted to help. John fixed the roof, installed new gutters, and repaired some siding. BHI also decided to donate $100 from every roof tear- off completed in Parma and Parma Heights.John will also donate money from small repairs throught the year. With the money raised in 2015 from BHI donations, Parma Animal Shelter provided medical treatments and help for the animals in need. BHI will continue donating in 2016 and many more years to come. BHI would also like to thank all our customers for choosing us and making our donation program a success.

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