Here are some tips you should consider when hiring a contractor:

1. Get all estimates in writing. Include pricing
    if unseen problems arise.

2. Get proof that your contractor is licensed, bonded,
    insured, and covered by workers compensation. Don’t
    take their word, get it in writing.

3. Make sure your contractor will do the work.

4. Get references, and contact at least 3 of them.

5. Avoid giving any money down for a deposit. Pay upon
    completion or hire a different contractor.

6. Make sure you receive a written guarantee
   on workmanship.

7. If possible, deal with the owner of the company.
   You are more likely to get a better job when the
   owner is directly involved.

8. Check your contractors credit. Ask the contractor who their supplier is.
    Simply call the supplier and ask about the contractors credit.
    They will be happy to give you information.

9. My personal favorite tip when dealing with a contractor is ask him/her for a
    occasion when they had to go back on a service call for a roof leak or another problem.
    Tell them you would like to contact the homeowner to see how the problem was handled.
    Now if they say they have never had a problem I would rule them out asap.
    Because they may be afraid to have you hear how they handled the problem.
    If they are willing to give you some names, too me that shows honesty
    and you will get a chance to see their character.
    Remember: All contractors may seem nice until there is a problem.
    Then character and integrity will come into play.
    Saving money now by going with a low cost contractor surely may cost you
    double and triple you inital savings in the end, not counting all the aggravation and stress.

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