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  • General Questions

    • What type of preparation should I do before my new roof?  Debris will get into the attic. If you have valuable items, we recommend you cover or remove them from the attic. Also remove any pictures on walls or items on shelves.
    • How long should a new roof take on my home? Most roof jobs take 1 day on average. However, unforeseen circumstances can cause delays, such as weather. Larger homes may take 2 days in most cases.
    • Should I expect to find a lot of nails after my new roof? Literally thousands of nails come off with a roof tear off. Its common to find a few. However, if you find more than 10-20, call your contractor and request a magnetic clean up.
    • I only want 25 year shingle and everybody is selling me a lifetime shingle? A few years back, almost all dimensional shingles were upgraded to a lifetime warranty. The cost difference between a 25 year shingle vs. lifetime is almost the same.
    • What does a lifetime shingle warranty mean? Lifetime warranty means the lifetime of the property owner when the new roof was installed. Most warranties are transferable 1 time. Consult your contractor for specifics.
    • Will heavy trucks be on my driveway? Request a ground drop when shingles are delivered to avoid heavy delivery truck on your driveway. Also make sure you do not get a large roll off dumpster or your driveway may suffer damage.
    • What is the difference between 30 lb. felt and synthetic underlayment? Most synthetic papers are qualified as waterproofing underlayment, while 30 lb. is not. Most synthetic are wrinkle free and 250 times stronger then 30 lb.
    • My drywall has few nails popping out after my new roof, is this normal? Most ceilings are actually sagging. Slight vibration from pounding will cause the ceiling to move and the nail will pop. Drywall on ceilings should be installed with screws and glue per building code but seldom are. Improper drywall installation is the major cause of nail pops or cracking in the seams and not from the new roof. The new roof actually exposes the improper install.
    • I just got a new roof and the shingles look wavy. Shingles need at least 1 full year for the asphalt adhesive to fully activate. However, shingles will start sealing when exposed to the sun. If your roof does not get sun for awhile, don't be alarmed. Before you know it, the shingles will relax and lay down nicely. It may take awhile on the north side depending on the time of year your roof was installed.
  • About Us

    • Where are you located? Our main office is located at 5376 Ridge Rd. Parma Ohio 44129
    • What are your hours? Office hours Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our showroom is available by appointment.
    • Do you charge for estimates? All are estimates are free. However, if you need some type of written inspection for a real estate transaction, then a fee would be charged.  
    • Are there any references I can contact about your work? BHI will provide you with a list of jobs completed in your area. We encourage our customers to drive by, view the work, and talk with our past customers.

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